Behind the Scenes
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Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

When we designed our FOLDR furniture range, we wanted to be certain that we partnered with joiners who really understood our design and our vision for the range.

Creo (formerly Trevor Toms Bespoke Cabinet Makers) have been producing bespoke furniture in Shaftesbury for over 30 years. Using a small team of expert makers and finishers, the workshop can produce almost anything bespoke from kitchens to bedrooms, studies to home offices.  Being a small business ourselves, it was important for us to support a local business and be sure that the product was made in Britain.

The philosophy behind Creo is to provide a buoyant, vibrant workplace while making great products for great people which fitted perfectly with the ethos at FOLDR.

Sourcing good quality materials that were also ethical to produce FOLDR products was also important to us. Creo told us:

‘For many years we have used national and regional timber merchants.  We have built steady relationships with all members of our supply chain, and we have great confidence in all our suppliers that enables us to run a strict just in time material policy.  Most timber comes from an FSC certified and PEFC registered regional supplier’.

We work hand in hand with the team at Creo to follow the process from when they receive a new order design to sending it out on delivery.

These are bespoke pieces of furniture to fit into a specific part of the home and therefore nailing those finer details are critical!  We go through everything from colour choice, material specification and any logistics that need to be considered.

Once all of this is confirmed, Creo can then start the production cycle.  Again, another meeting is held between the FOLDR team, the cabinet makers, and finishers to go through the drawings and specification to make sure all parties are clear on the details.  Accuracy is key in cabinetry making and we want to ensure our customers are 100% happy with their product when it arrives.

Throughout the production of the furniture, Creo go through various stop and go checks to make sure everything is made to a consistently high standard and to specification

Once ‘signed off’ internally, the product is then wrapped, delivered and installed to their new homes!

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