About Us
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Meet our founders

Meet the founders

While some were baking banana bread and nurturing sourdough starters in lockdown, FOLDR co-founders Amanda and Annie were busy trying to solve a problem that so many of us are now faced with; needing a home office suitable for full time work with no dedicated space available.


As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, the mother and daughter partnership found themselves together under one roof, trying to operate their award-winning interior design practice from the kitchen table along with the rest of the family.


What became so evident to them was the new-born need for our homes to become adaptable to different requirements throughout the day and become truly multi-functional.

“Our passion is to help people to restore their work life balance and take the stress out of working from home. As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, our working days have become unrecognisable from what they once were. We have had to adapt to a new working life and its time our homes caught up with that.


We are problem solvers but this one really got us thinking. What makes the result so rewarding is that not only are we solving a problem for our ourselves but we can share our result with other people who are also struggling with their home set up now needing to deliver for so many different elements of daily family life.”